Replacing the capacitors(ReCap)

The Color Classic is a computer which is older than 20 years. Components on the analog board and the logic boards get leaky over the years. That's the main reason why older computers have problems to start up or get different problems.

Many of these problems can be solved by soldering new capacitors(caps) to the boards. It's not difficult to resolder these caps but you will need soldering skills.
The next pictures will guide you to find out which caps you need to change and where they are located on the boards.

The three boards which I displayed here for recapping are all possible to swap into the color classic - for details see the Mystic upgrade page.
Color Classic Logicboard Recap

The Original Color Classic Logic Board

6 x 47µf - 16V - SMT
2 x 100µf - 6.3V - SMT
1 x 10µf - 16V -SMT
Color Classic LC 550 Logicboard Recap

The Performa/LC 550 Logic Board

6 x 47µf - 16V - SMT
2 x 100µf - 6.3V - SMT
1 x 10µf - 16V -SMT
 Color Classic LC 575 Logicboard Recap

The Performa/LC 575 Logic Board

10 x 47µf - 16V - SMT
2 x 100µf - 6.3V - SMT

The Color Classic Analog Board

The analog board of the color classic has rapidly more caps than the logic boards. The List and the picture may be incomplete. If there are caps missing wich you know please contact me.
Picture in work….
Board ReferenceValuesCap Type
CD310uF 16vcapacitor
CF1224 250vpoly capacitor
CF10220uF 35velectrolytic capacitor
CF11470uF 35velectrolytic capacitor
CF24.7uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CF4100nF 63vpoly capacitor
CF5.1uF 100vpoly capacitor
CF6.1uF 100vpoly capacitor
CF7100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CF83300uF 16velectrolytic capacitor
CF9220uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CL103.3uF 160vpoly capacitor
CL111uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CL132.2uF 200velectrolytic capacitor
CL1447uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CL1910uF 250velectrolytic capacitor
CL20103z 2kvcapacitor
CL21100uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CL23100uF 6.3velectrolytic capacitor
CL241uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CL311uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CL332.2uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CL342.2uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CL35.47uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CL36100nF 63vpoly capacitor
CL4100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CL8.0082uF 600vpoly capacitor
CL93.3uF 160vpoly capacitor
CP101uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CP12100uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CP131000uF 35velectrolytic capacitor
CP141000uF 16velectrolytic capacitor
CP15100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CP18471k 2kvcapacitor
CP2103Z 2kvcapacitor
CP30330uF 400Velectrolytic capacitor
CP316.8nF 600vpoly capacitor
CP34100uF 25Velectrolytic capacitor
CP351uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CP393300uF 16velectrolytic capacitor
CP405600uF 10velectrolytic capacitor
CP411000uF 16velectrolytic capacitor
CP425600uF 10velectrolytic capacitor
CP43470uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CP44470uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CP461000uF 10velectrolytic capacitor
CP471uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CP541uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CP551uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CP56330uF 16velectrolytic capacitor
CP7.22uF 250Vcapacitor
CP8.22uF 250Vcapacitor
CP9100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CS41uf 50velectrolytic capacitor
CV1310uF 100velectrolytic capacitor
CV17100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CV182.2uF 200velectrolytic capacitor
CV192.2uF 200velectrolytic capacitor
CV202.2uF 200velectrolytic capacitor
CV21100uF 25velectrolytic capacitor
CV2510nF 100vpoly capacitor
CV26AA5??SMD capacitor
CV27AA5??SMD capacitor
CV29103z 2kvcapacitor
CV30103z 2kvcapacitor
CV33103z 2kvcapacitor
CV391uF 50velectrolytic capacitor
CV401uF 50velectrolytic capacitor